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What is League of traders?

League of Traders — is the first exchange that provides traders with free trading deposits, with the aim of increasing them.


Active traders


Earned by traders


Increased their deposits by 10-40%

5 reasons to start trading
on the LGT exchange

Low trading fees
Low trading fees
Low trade commission from 0% to 0.12%.
Free deposits from $10 to $1000 for participants in the League of Traders.
Anonymous Trading
Anonymous Trading
Pass an anonymous registration specifying only your email. You will receive an e-mail with a temporary link for trading.
Loyalty Program
Loyalty Program
Get a 25% discount on commissions by simply enabling payment for fees with token LGTE.
Education Traders
Education Traders
Learn or improve your trading skills in our online school. Trade wisely on the LGT.

Why another cryptocurrency exchange?

For 10 months, we worked with traders and analyzed existing exchanges. The results showed that today there are no exchanges that satisfy all the requirements of traders and investors. Therefore, we decided to create a cryptocurrency exchange that satisfies all the requirements:

  • Availability of a sound token with hybrid functionality
  • An opportunity of basic earnings for beginners
  • Use of the exchange profit to reward active traders and token holders
  • Availability of own fiat gateways to provide quick and convenient exchange
  • Availability of cryptocurrency liquidity
  • Availability of an efficient mobile app with intuitive interface
  • Availability of a massive community of active traders and investors

Start trading now

Just one step to anonymous trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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